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To give opportunity to the low-budget European productions to be shot in an environment which offers high expertise and professionals, richness of production resources and locations on a very honest and competitive costs in comparison to others European countries.


There is in Western Europe a vast “dead zone” in which producers have no chance to realize their products. It is a zone in which limited budget in many other EU countries doesn’t permit any move and young film makers and media developers can’t properly create their projects.

Our services are targeting who is searching opportunities to produce their content in our turbulent age in which from one side the digital world given flexibility and opportunities but from another side the structure of the industry is harshly close.

The European Commission pointed to everybody of us the aims of development and social cohesion and intercultural sharing, in this wake Omnia Executive offers to European low budget projects the professional skills and the opportunities of the Bulgarian media industry.

Our vision is to foster through an intelligent and loyal strategy a new field in international executive production services before often limited to middle and high budget projects.

Our services are aimed to new or young production companies which wants to achieve their targets in a production context which is supportive, loyal, cooperative and highly professional.